Assured Housing Association tailors housing options to meet the needs
of people with a learning disability throughout the North West

who we are

We understand that everyone will have different needs when it comes to choosing the best housing for them. That might be living alone, in a shared environment, in a particular place, or perhaps in a home with special adaptations. Whatever those needs may be, Assured Housing Association is there to ensure people with a learning disability can rent their own home.

Assured Housing Association was created as a not for profit provider that can offer specialised housing. In particular, we tackle the significant problems faced by people with a learning disability in finding their own home by offering quality housing that suits the specific needs of the people we work with, wherever they want to live.

what we do

Our goal is to deliver a high-quality home which people with a learning disability can use as a foundation to build their lives. To achieve this we focus on providing quality and variety in our housing solutions; each of which we would be happy to live in ourselves. All properties we offer are assessed to meet our own high standards and we work with our tenants to maintain these on a regular basis.

Our approach as a supported landlord stems from our understanding of the needs of the learning disability community and we always seek to ensure that everyone we work with is happy, safe and well-supported.

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